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Sassy Cider - 0% cider - Alcohol free

Sassy Cider - 0% cider - Alcohol free

The terroir of our 0% cider - Alcohol free organic non-alcoholic cider - Le 0% is an artisanal product made from organic apples grown in a unique terroir located near the forest massifs. This proximity to the forests gives the apples a characteristic acidity that is softened by the sweetness of the silty-clay plain.


They use only organic apples, mainly bittersweet, such as Bedan, Doux Normandie, Frequin, Douce Moën and Douce Coët Ligné. These specific apple varieties are carefully selected for their taste, texture and sugar content to ensure a superior quality cider. 


The production of there organic non-alcoholic cider - Le 0% is entirely respectful of the environment and complies with the standards of organic farming. It is an authentic, tasty and balanced cider, ideal to accompany your favorite dishes or simply to relax with friends.


A unique flavor

Organic non-alcoholic cider - 0% is a true gem for lovers of non-alcoholic, organic artisanal cider. It has a light amber color with golden highlights that immediately catches the eye. On the palate, you will appreciate its smooth effervescence, which gives a fresh and refreshing sensation. 


The attack is soft and sweet, followed by a touch of astringency that structures the finish. The aromas of baked apples accompany the whole, giving the cider a unique and authentic flavor. On the nose, you can smell ripe fruits and slightly stewed apples.


This organic non-alcoholic cider - Le 0% is a real delight for the taste buds, it is balanced, perfectly structured and will accompany your moments of relaxation. It is a natural product, respectful of the environment, with authentic and artisanal flavors, a real pleasure to taste.


A tradition of cider made in Normandy

Superior quality products, made in Normandy from carefully selected apple varieties. The recipe for this cuvée, carefully developed and jealously guarded, is inspired by the cider served at Château de Sassy for generations. It has been perfected with their cellar master to meet the demands of your delicate taste buds, while continuing our quest for excellence.

Sassy reinvents artisanal cider

Sassy introduces an innovative vision to the world of cider through promoting a return of authentic flavors. Breaking free of convention, Sassy transcends the regional boundaries of cider and introduces it into the role of an aperitif. Sassy brings a disruptive spirit to the world of cider and advocates the return of "real taste". 



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