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Brut Organic Cider - 33cl.

Brut Organic Cider - 33cl.

Brut Cider is considered one of the best brut ciders on the market. It has won numerous tasting awards and competitions, making it a superior choice for Brut cider lovers.  


To guarantee the quality of the juice, tart apples are carefully selected. This cider is made using traditional pressing and fermentation methods. It is the natural fermentation method that gives the Brut cider its unique sparkle. 


22 varieties of apples are used - mainly bitter, sweet and sour.


The Brut cider has the perfect balance between the dryness of the brut and the fruitiness of the demi-sec. It is distinguished by its aromatic complexity and its finesse. You can serve this delicious drink as an aperitif, with white meats, with cheese (Camembert, Pont l'Evêque...) or even with apple desserts.


It is available in bottles of 33cl.



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